PM4x Configuration Tool Screen Capture

Configure Digitrax PM4x

The JMRI PM4x programming tool lets you configure the internal options of a PM4 or PM42 directly from your computer.

To open this tool from the JMRI start page select the LocoNet tab then find the tool on the drop down list.

To use it, you put the address of a PM4x board in the text field and click "Read from PM4x". The tool will read back the current state of the various options, and set the check boxes to correspond to their current values.

You can then, if you wish, change the checkboxes and click "Write to PM4x" to make your changes permanent.

The tool relies upon each PM4x board to have a unique "Board ID" (Board Address) in order to configure each device individually. While it is possible to change the Board ID number using JMRI, it cannot be done using this tool due to limitations of the PM4x design. Instead, follow the instructions found here, but you must consult the appropriate PM4x manual and modify the JMRI-based process to suit the PM4x device's buttons, button press time, and lamp flashes.


See Also

Documentation for the PM4 and PM42 can be found at the Digitrax Web Site.