Configure a Digitrax Command Station

Recent JMRI versions support configuration of the Command Station "Operation Switches" (OpSws) via a "roster" entry. See the JMRI Digitrax Command Station Configuration page for details. The new "roster" entry-based method is preferred over the tool described below.

This tool Configures the Digitrax MASTER DCS OpSw's. You do not need to set any of the switches on the DCS to use this tool.

OpSw2 being set to Thrown allows this tool to access Slot 127, which contains the OpSw settings. DB do not have OpSw and can not be set with this tool, DCS's that have OpSw2 set to Closed are not programmed by this tool.

To configure DB's and DCS's set as Boosters, you need to follow the original Digitrax instructions.