Grapevine Node Table

The "Node Table" tool lets you see all your Grapevine nodes at once. Each line in the table corresponds to one node address.
The columns are:

The node number
The current status of this node.
This node has been configured in JMRI. You can talk to its Turnouts, SignalHeads, Sensors, etc.
This node has been detected on the Grapevine, but it you need to configure it before you can access it in the program.
The node is not configured, and has not been seen on the Grapevine.
Add/Edit Node
The third column provides a button for you to add a missing node or edit the configuration of an existing node. If you do add or edit a node, remember to save your JMRI Preferences again!
If the node is configured, there's a button in the 4th column that lets you send the initialization messages to the node. This is useful if e.g. the node has been turned off and on, so needs to be reinitialized. This is only available for configured nodes.

Below the table is a "Check" button and a status field.
Click "Check" to scan the Grapevine to check its status and locate nodes. The status field displays:

A scan is starting, but no reply has been heard from the Grapevine yet.
Checking node x
Scan in progress, and the Grapevine seems to be working. Wait for the chack to complete with node 127.
Scan completed OK.
Grapevine failed
Scan completed without hearing anything from the Grapevine. Perhaps the cable isn't completely connected, or some piece isn't powered up.

Click the "Change Node Board Address..." button to change the address of a Grapevine node. It opens the Change Grapevine Board Address pane.

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