JMRI : CBUS® Bootloader Tool

The bootloader tool allows you to update the firmware in a connected CBUS node

To update the firmware you will need a firmware programming file (.hex file) saved on your computer

Start the firmware update tool from the SPROG generation 5 menu.

CBUS menu entry for bootloader client

Enter the Node Number (the default is 65534) and click Read Node Parameters.

Select Node Number to be updated

Browse to wherever you saved the .hex file and click Open.

Browse to the new firmware hex file

Select EEPROM Memory Option to preserve EEPROM contents (Node Variables).

Select preserve EEPROM

Click the Start Programming button.

Start programming

The new firmware will be written to the node. Wait fro the programming to complete, which may take a little while, indicated by the "Bootloading complete..." message in the console.

Wait for programming to complete

CBUS is a registered trade mark of Dr Michael Bolton