JMRI: Dispatcher Options


The Dispatcher Options pane provides for tailoring Dispatcher according to user needs and preferences. The Options menu provides access to these options and to another choice for saving Dispatcher Options to disk for later use. Both are described below.

Using Dispatcher Options

Options window

Selecting Dispatcher Options... in the Options menu of the Dispatcher window brings up the pane shown at right.

This window shows options currently set for Dispatcher. To change Dispatcher Options, change to the desired option configuration, and click the Apply button. All options are set to the selections in the Dispatcher Options pane, and the pane disappears. To close this pane without changing any options, click Cancel.
The available options are:

Important Note: Remember to save your Options (see below). If new Dispatcher Options are not saved, they revert to the previous values the next time Dispatcher is run.

Using the Options Menu

The Options menu is used to access, edit, and save Dispatcher options. Items in this menu and their use are explained below:

Saving Dispatcher Options

To save the Dispatcher settings currently in effect into a small XML file (dispatcheroptions.xml) in the user's preferences directory, select Save Options... from the Options menu. This is the same location where JMRI preference files are saved. When Dispatcher is started, if a file named "dispatcheroptions.xml" is found in the user's preference directory, that file is read, and Dispatcher options are set accordingly. If the file is not present when Dispatcher is started, default options are used. Note: Dispatcher Options are not saved automatically. Saving Dispatcher Options is optional. Selecting this menu item is the only way to save Dispatcher Options.

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