The LRoute Table

An LRoute is a more generalized version of a Route implemented as a Logix. It is intended for use in situations where additional triggers or actions are desired beyond the capabilities of Routes. It can be used as a starting point for creating new Logix. The LRoute Table provides pick lists of Sensors, Turnouts, Lights, Signal Masts and Signal Heads from which output actions and trigger conditions can be chosen.

Once you have some Turnouts, Sensors, Signal Heads and/or Lights to manage, use the Add... button in the lower left hand corner of the LRoute Table pane to create a new Logix Route. After you have created a Logix Route, you may add additional capabilities by editing it from the Logix Table.

The Logix that implements the LRoute has its system name prefixed with "RTX". All Logix with this prefix are displayed in the LRoute Table. Please note that an "RTX" Logix that has had capabilities added with Logix editing may not be able to display these additional capabilities for LRoute editing. Once Logix editing is done to an LRoute, it is recommended that further editing be done from the Logix Table.

LRoute Table Columns

System Name
The System Name cannot be changed once entered into the table. The Add button located in the lower left corner of the table allows you to add a new l-route to the table.
User Name
You can directly enter or change the "User Name" for an existing logix route.
To disable a l-route from triggering, uncheck the "Enabled" box for the route. This sets its Logix to a disabled state. The l-route can be enabled or disabled from either the LRoute Table or the Logix Table.
Push this button to edit the LRoute. For more information see Adding/Editing LRoutes.

LRoute Table Controls

There is a button at the bottom of the LRoute Table pane:
Push this button to add a new logix route. For more information see Adding/Editing LRoutes.