JMRI: Issue Reporter

The JMRI Issue Reporter allows you to create an entry in JMRI's Issue tracking system for either a Bug report or a Feature request.

In order to create an entry, you need a (free) GitHub account. If you don't have one yet, follow this link and sign up for one first.

The Report Issue window

In your default web browser, sign on to the GitHub web site.

From the JMRI Help menu, select "Report Issue...". A window like the one on the right will open (click the image to enlarge).

A GitHub window should open in your browser.

If JMRI can't open your browser, it'll pop a window asking for permission to copy a URL to your clipboard (essentially, internally doing a copy operation on the URL). Click "Copy" to do that, then paste the URL you got into a new window of your browser and fetch the indicated page.

If you checked any of the attachment boxes, a new Explorer/Finder window will open, showing some files on your computer. These are the files that contain the contents you selected. Drag and drop those files onto the GitHub page where indicated in the report text. GitHub Edit Issue screen

You can also drag in screen shots or other files that you think will help.

Finally, pn GitHub click the "Submit new issue" button.

Thank you! Your issue has been entered. If somebody has additional questions or a solution, they'll contact you through your GitHub account.