This is the top-level Help page for JMRI.

The acknowledgements page shows that a lot of people have been able to contribute.

Using The JMRI Help System

If you're viewing this via the JMRI Help menu, the section to the left is a table of contents. Clicking on an entry will load the help page in the right section.

In JMRI, selecting Preferences ⇒ Help provides three options.

  1. Open help pages locally: The help pages will be loaded from your JMRI install location. This means that the pages will be based on the installed JMRI version. This is the default option.
  2. Open help pages online: The help page will be displayed by linking to The content on the JMRI website might be more recent than the content in the local JMRI install location. The page will have the standard navigation bar, sidebars and CSS formatting. This option requires that an internet connection is available.
  3. Open help pages using the web server in JMRI: This is a future capability.

Further information

The main JMRI web page,, is a good place to start for information about current status, updates, etc.
(Depending on your computer, you might have to copy that link to your web browser to be able to see external sites properly).

We have a discussion area, JMRI Users. This group is the place to discuss any aspect of JMRI. If you have questions about how to do things, suggestions or even complaints, post them there. You can subscribe, browse posts, etc. at

Our technical web pages are continually being updated. We're always short of documentation, so if you're interested in working with the code or updating some Help files, we'd love to help you get started.