Package jmri.profile

Class Profile

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public class Profile
extends Object
implements Comparable<Profile>
A JMRI application profile. Profiles allow a JMRI application to load completely separate set of preferences at each launch without relying on host OS-specific tricks to ensure this happens. It is recommended that profile directory names end in ".jmri" so that supporting iOS and macOS applications could potentially treat a JMRI profile as a single file, instead of as a directory structure. This would allow an application subject to mandatory security controls in iOS, and an application sandbox on macOS to request permission from the user to access the entire profile once, instead of needing to request permission to access each file individually. This would also allow a profile to be opened by double clicking on it, and to have a unique icon within the iOS Files app and macOS Finder. Note that JMRI itself is not currently capable of supporting opening a profile by double clicking on it, even if other applications on the same computer can.