Class SRCPClockControl

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      java.lang.String getHardwareClockName()
      Get name of hardware clock
      double getRate()
      Default implementation returns the rate of the internal clock.
      java.util.Date getTime()
      Default implementation returns InstanceM default jmri.Timebase getTime().
      void initializeHardwareClock​(double rate, java.util.Date now, boolean getTime)
      Initialize the hardware fast clock Note: When the hardware clock control receives this, it should initialize those clock settings that are available on the hardware clock.
      void setRate​(double newRate)
      Get and set the rate of the fast clock Note: The rate is an integer that multiplies the wall clock For example, a rate of 4 specifies that the fast clock runs 4 times faster than the wall clock.
      void setTime​(java.util.Date now)
      Set and get the fast clock time For the default implementation,set time is ignored and getTime returns the time of the internal clock;
      void startHardwareClock​(java.util.Date now)
      Start and stop hardware fast clock Many hardware fast clocks continue to run indefinitely.
      void stopHardwareClock()
      Default implementation is to ignore.
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