Class IEEE802154TrafficController

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    Direct Known Subclasses:
    SerialTrafficController, XBeeTrafficController

    public abstract class IEEE802154TrafficController
    extends AbstractMRNodeTrafficController
    implements IEEE802154Interface
    Converts Stream-based I/O to/from messages. The "IEEE802154Interface" side sends/receives message objects.

    The connection to a IEEE802154PortController is via a pair of *Streams, which then carry sequences of characters for transmission. Note that this processing is handled in an independent thread.

    This maintains a list of nodes, but doesn't currently do anything with it. This implementation is complete and can be instantiated, but is not functional. It will be created e.g. when a default object is needed for configuring nodes, etc, during the initial configuration. A subclass must be instantiated to actually communicate with an adapter.