Package jmri.jmrix.can

Defines classes for interfacing to a CAN-based model railway control bus.

It is expected that there will be multiple CAN implementations (e.g. MERG CBUS, ATBUS, etc) each accessible through a variety of CAN adapters (e.g. CAN232 or MERG CAN-RS), but that each implementation will be based uppon basic CANbus concepts such as header (standard or extended), Normal and RTR frames and a data field.

This package is therefore organized in several subtrees:

Specific implementations for CAN adapter hardware, e.g. MERG's CAN_RS; LAWICEL AB's CANUSB and CAN232; etc.
Specific implementations for e.g. CBUS, NmraNet, etc:
  • cbus - MERG CBUS
  • atbus - ATBUS
  • nmranet - NMRA NMRAnet (not yet present)
Swing-based GUI tools.

A note on terminology

CBUS refers to a 7-bit field in the standard CAN header as the "ID", "Node ID", and "CAN ID", but occasionally refers to the entire 11-bit CAN header by the same names.

The JMRI classes use "cbusId" to refer to the 7-bit field.