Class CbusBasicNodeWithMgrsCommandStation

    • Method Detail

      • setCsNum

        public void setCsNum​(int csnum)
        Set a Command Station Number for this Node
        csnum - Command station Number, normally 0 if using a single command station
      • getCsNum

        public int getCsNum()
        Get Command station number.

        0 is normally default for a command station

        -1 if node is NOT a Command Station, else CS Number.
      • setCsFlags

        public void setCsFlags​(int flags)
        Set the flags reported by a Command Station

        This will update Track Power On / Off, etc. as per the values passed. Currently unused by CANCMD v4 which sets the setStatResponseFlagsAccurate(false)

        flags - the int value of the Command Station flags
      • setStatResponseFlagsAccurate

        public void setStatResponseFlagsAccurate​(boolean accurate)
        Set Disable Command Station Flag Reporting
        accurate - set false to ignore the Command Station Flags
      • getStatResponseFlagsAccurate

        public boolean getStatResponseFlagsAccurate()
        Get if Command Station Flag Reporting is accurate. Defaults to false
        true if accurate, else false