Class CbusBasicNode

    • Method Detail

      • addPropertyChangeListener

        public void addPropertyChangeListener​(java.beans.PropertyChangeListener l)
        Register for notification if any of the properties change.
        l - The Listener to attach to Node
      • removePropertyChangeListener

        public void removePropertyChangeListener​(java.beans.PropertyChangeListener l)
        Remove notification listener.
        l - Listener to remove
      • notifyPropertyChangeListener

        protected void notifyPropertyChangeListener​(java.lang.String property,
                                                    java.lang.Object oldValue,
                                                    java.lang.Object newValue)
        Trigger the notification of Node PropertyChangeListeners. Properties include PARAMETER, BACKUPS, SINGLENVUPDATE ( newValue NV index (0 is NV1, 5 is NV6) ) ALLNVUPDATE SINGLEEVUPDATE ( newValue event row ) ALLEVUPDATE DELETEEVCOMPLETE ( newValue Error String else empty String ) ADDEVCOMPLETE ( newValue Error String else null ) ADDALLEVCOMPLETE ( Event Teach Loop Completed, newValue error count ) TEACHNVCOMPLETE ( newValue error count ) NAMECHANGE
        property - Node property
        oldValue - Old Value
        newValue - New Value
      • getNodeNumber

        public int getNodeNumber()
        Returns Node Number.
        Node Number,1-65535
      • setNodeNumber

        public void setNodeNumber​(int newnumber)
        Set Node Number.
        newnumber - Node Number, should be 1-65535
      • setCanId

        public final void setCanId​(int newcanid)
        Set Node CAN ID.
        newcanid - CAN ID of the node
      • setCanId

        public final void setCanId​(CanSystemConnectionMemo memo)
        Set CAN ID by System Connection.

        Leaves unchanged if no System Connection or Traffic Controller.

        memo - System Connection of the Node.
      • getNodeCanId

        public int getNodeCanId()
        Get the Node CAN ID. min 1 , ( max 128? )
        CAN ID of the node, default 1.
      • setNodeInSetupMode

        public void setNodeInSetupMode​(boolean setup)
        Set flag for this Node in Setup Mode.

        Does NOT send instruction to actual node

        setup - use true if in Setup, else false
      • getNodeInSetupMode

        public boolean getNodeInSetupMode()
        Get if this Node is in Setup Mode.
        true if in Setup, else false
      • setNodeInLearnMode

        public void setNodeInLearnMode​(boolean inlearnmode)
        Set if the Node is in Learn Mode. Used to track node status, does NOT update Physical Node
        inlearnmode - set true if in Learn else false
      • getNodeInLearnMode

        public boolean getNodeInLearnMode()
        Get if the Node is in Learn Mode.

        Defaults to false if unset

        true if in Learn else false
      • setNodeInFLiMMode

        public void setNodeInFLiMMode​(boolean inFlimMode)
        Set if the Node is in FLiM Mode.

        Defaults to true if unset

        inFlimMode - set true if in FlIM else false
      • getNodeInFLiMMode

        public boolean getNodeInFLiMMode()
        Get if the Node is in FLiM Mode.

        Defaults to true if unset

        true if in FlIM else false