Class CbusLight

    • Method Detail

      • doNewState

        protected void doNewState​(int oldState,
                                  int newState)
        Handle a request to change state by sending CBUS events.
        doNewState in class AbstractLight
        oldState - old state
        newState - new state
      • message

        public void message​(CanMessage f)
        Called when an outgoing message is sent to the CAN Network.
        Specified by:
        message in interface CanListener
        f - the CanMessage being sent.
      • reply

        public void reply​(CanReply origf)
        Called when an incoming CanFrame is received from the CAN Network.
        Specified by:
        reply in interface CanListener
        origf - the CanReply being received.
      • getAddrOn

        public CanMessage getAddrOn()
        Get a CanMessage for the On Light Address.
        CanMessage for Light ON
      • getAddrOff

        public CanMessage getAddrOff()
        Get a CanMessage for the Off Light Address.
        CanMessage for Light OFF
      • dispose

        public void dispose()
        Deactivate this object, so that it releases as many resources as possible and no longer effects others.

        For example, if this object has listeners, after a call to this method it should no longer notify those listeners. Any native or system-wide resources it maintains should be released, including threads, files, etc.

        It is an error to invoke any other methods on this object once dispose() has been called. Note, however, that there is no guarantee about behavior in that case.

        Afterwards, references to this object may still exist elsewhere, preventing its garbage collection. But it's formally dead, and shouldn't be keeping any other objects alive. Therefore, this method should null out any references to other objects that this NamedBean contained.

        Specified by:
        dispose in interface NamedBean
        dispose in class AbstractNamedBean