Class RosterTableModel

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.beans.PropertyChangeListener,, java.util.EventListener, javax.swing.table.TableModel

    public class RosterTableModel
    extends javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel
    implements java.beans.PropertyChangeListener
    Table data model for display of Roster variable values.

    Any desired ordering, etc, is handled outside this class.

    The initial implementation doesn't automatically update when roster entries change, doesn't allow updating of the entries, and only shows some of the fields. But it's a start....

    See Also:
    Serialized Form
    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      (package private) static int ADDRESSCOL  
      (package private) static int DATEUPDATECOL  
      (package private) static int DECODERCOL  
      (package private) boolean editable  
      (package private) static int ICONCOL  
      (package private) RosterIconFactory iconFactory  
      static int IDCOL  
      (package private) static int MFGCOL  
      (package private) static int MODELCOL  
      static int NUMCOL  
      (package private) static int OWNERCOL  
      static int PROTOCOL  
      (package private) static int ROADNAMECOL  
      (package private) static int ROADNUMBERCOL  
      • Fields inherited from class javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel

        columnIdentifiers, dataVector
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    • Method Summary

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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      void dispose()  
      java.lang.Class<?> getColumnClass​(int col)  
      int getColumnCount()  
      java.lang.String getColumnName​(int col)  
      (package private) javax.swing.ImageIcon getIcon​(RosterEntry re)  
      int getPreferredWidth​(int column)  
      java.lang.String getRosterGroup()  
      int getRowCount()  
      java.lang.Object getValueAt​(int row, int col)
      Provides an empty string for a column if the model returns null for that value.
      boolean isCellEditable​(int row, int col)
      void propertyChange​(java.beans.PropertyChangeEvent e)  
      void setRosterGroup​(java.lang.String rosterGroup)  
      void setValueAt​(java.lang.Object value, int row, int col)  
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        addColumn, addColumn, addColumn, addRow, addRow, convertToVector, convertToVector, getDataVector, insertRow, insertRow, moveRow, newDataAvailable, newRowsAdded, removeRow, rowsRemoved, setColumnCount, setColumnIdentifiers, setColumnIdentifiers, setDataVector, setDataVector, setNumRows, setRowCount
      • Methods inherited from class javax.swing.table.AbstractTableModel

        addTableModelListener, findColumn, fireTableCellUpdated, fireTableChanged, fireTableDataChanged, fireTableRowsDeleted, fireTableRowsInserted, fireTableRowsUpdated, fireTableStructureChanged, getListeners, getTableModelListeners, removeTableModelListener
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    • Method Detail

      • propertyChange

        public void propertyChange​(java.beans.PropertyChangeEvent e)
        Specified by:
        propertyChange in interface java.beans.PropertyChangeListener
      • getRowCount

        public int getRowCount()
        Specified by:
        getRowCount in interface javax.swing.table.TableModel
        getRowCount in class javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel
      • getColumnCount

        public int getColumnCount()
        Specified by:
        getColumnCount in interface javax.swing.table.TableModel
        getColumnCount in class javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel
      • getColumnName

        public java.lang.String getColumnName​(int col)
        Specified by:
        getColumnName in interface javax.swing.table.TableModel
        getColumnName in class javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel
      • getColumnClass

        public java.lang.Class<?> getColumnClass​(int col)
        Specified by:
        getColumnClass in interface javax.swing.table.TableModel
        getColumnClass in class javax.swing.table.AbstractTableModel
      • isCellEditable

        public boolean isCellEditable​(int row,
                                      int col)

        Note that the table can be set to be non-editable when constructed, in which case this always returns false.

        Specified by:
        isCellEditable in interface javax.swing.table.TableModel
        isCellEditable in class javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel
        true if cell is editable in roster entry model and table allows editing
      • getValueAt

        public java.lang.Object getValueAt​(int row,
                                           int col)
        Provides an empty string for a column if the model returns null for that value.
        Specified by:
        getValueAt in interface javax.swing.table.TableModel
        getValueAt in class javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel
      • setValueAt

        public void setValueAt​(java.lang.Object value,
                               int row,
                               int col)
        Specified by:
        setValueAt in interface javax.swing.table.TableModel
        setValueAt in class javax.swing.table.DefaultTableModel
      • setRosterGroup

        public final void setRosterGroup​(java.lang.String rosterGroup)