Interface MaleSocketFactory<T extends NamedBean>

Type Parameters:
T - the type of male socket
All Known Subinterfaces:
MaleAnalogActionSocketFactory, MaleAnalogExpressionSocketFactory, MaleDigitalActionSocketFactory, MaleDigitalBooleanActionSocketFactory, MaleDigitalExpressionSocketFactory, MaleStringActionSocketFactory, MaleStringExpressionSocketFactory
All Known Implementing Classes:
DebuggerMaleAnalogActionSocketFactory, DebuggerMaleAnalogExpressionSocketFactory, DebuggerMaleDigitalActionSocketFactory, DebuggerMaleDigitalBooleanActionSocketFactory, DebuggerMaleDigitalExpressionSocketFactory, DebuggerMaleStringActionSocketFactory, DebuggerMaleStringExpressionSocketFactory

public interface MaleSocketFactory<T extends NamedBean>
Factory class for male sockets. This class is used when a tool wants to add extra male sockets around the male sockets for actions and expressions. An example is the debugger.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    T encapsulateMaleSocket​(BaseManager<T> manager, T maleSocket)
    Encapsulate a male socket into another male socket.
  • Method Details

    • encapsulateMaleSocket

      T encapsulateMaleSocket​(BaseManager<T> manager, T maleSocket)
      Encapsulate a male socket into another male socket.
      manager - the manager that registers this male socket
      maleSocket - the male socket to be encapsulated
      the new male socket that encapsulates the old male socket