Class PositionablePoint


public class PositionablePoint
extends LayoutTrack
PositionablePoint is a Point defining a node in the Track that can be dragged around the inside of the enclosing LayoutEditor panel using a right-drag (drag with meta key).

Three types of Positionable Point are supported: Anchor - point on track - two track connections End Bumper - end of track point - one track connection Edge Connector - This is used to link track segments between two different panels

Note that a PositionablePoint exists for specifying connectivity and drawing position only. The Track Segments connected to a PositionablePoint may belong to the same block or to different blocks. Since each Track Segment may only belong to one block, a PositionablePoint may function as a Block Boundary.

As an Edge Connector, this is a semi-transparent connection to a remote TrackSeqment via another Edge Connector object.

Signal names are saved here at a Block Boundary anchor point by the tool Set Signals at Block Boundary. PositionablePoint does nothing with these signal head names; it only serves as a place to store them.

Arrows and bumpers are visual presentation aspects handled in the View.