Interface Positionable

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AnalogClock2Display, BlockContentsIcon, BlockContentsIcon, IndicatorTrackIcon, IndicatorTurnoutIcon, LightIcon, LinkingLabel, LocoIcon, LocoLabel, MemoryComboIcon, MemoryIcon, MemoryIcon, MemoryInputIcon, MemorySpinnerIcon, MultiSensorIcon, PortalIcon, PositionableCircle, PositionableEllipse, PositionableIcon, PositionableJComponent, PositionableJPanel, PositionableLabel, PositionablePolygon, PositionableRectangle, PositionableRoundRect, PositionableShape, ReporterIcon, RpsPositionIcon, SensorIcon, SignalHeadIcon, SignalMastIcon, SlipTurnoutIcon, TrainIcon, TurnoutIcon

public interface Positionable
extends Cloneable
Defines display objects.

These are capable of:

These are manipulated externally, for example by a subclass of Editor. They are generally not stored directly as part of the state of the object, though they could be, but as part of the state of the external control.

Instead of the usual MouseEvent handling methods, e.g mouseClicked(...), Positionables have similar methods called doMouseClicked invoked by the Editor subclass that contains them, so the Editor can handle e.g. box selection, etc. UML class diagram for package

See Also:
PositionableJComponent, PositionableLabel