Package jmri.jmrit.ctc

The CTC system provides the ability to create and run prototypical CTC dispatching.

CTC Data Classes

The data is stored in the standard PanelPro xml files. The data classes have references to JMRI beans. There are 3 CTC NBH... classes which act as wrappers to the NamedBeanHandles for the JMRI NamedBeans. The NBH... classes encapsulate the NamedBeanHandles to make program access easier.

A list of each NBH type is maintained in CtcManager. This provides a single location to find the NBH object for a particular name. To maintain consistency, there can only be one NBH for each name. When a NamedBeanHandle is renamed, the new name is added to the list using the same NBH object. This way code that has the name string can still find the object.