Class TurnoutLock

  • public class TurnoutLock
    extends java.lang.Object
    This only works with Digitrax DS54's and DS64's configured to LOCALLY change the switch via either a pushbutton or toggle switch. Specifically in JMRI / DS64 programmer, OpSw 21 SHOULD be checked. DS54's should be similarly configured. The other way: One would NOT check OpSw21, and then one would have to write JMRI software (or a script) to process the message from the DS54/DS64, and then send the appropriate turnout "CLOSED/THROWN" command to the turnout to effect the change. Advantage: No turnout movement when crew requests change unless allowed by Dispatcher. Disadvantage: Software MUST be running in order to throw turnout "normally". In other words cannot run the layout without the computer, and with all turnouts controlled by the dispatcher set to "local control". This modules way: The purpose of this module is to "countermand" attempts by the field crews to throw a switch that is under dispatcher control. This works ONLY for switches that have feedback. Advantage: Computer NOT necessary to throw switch. Disadvantage: Switch will "partially throw" until the feedback contact changes and sends a message to the software, which then countermands it. If a train is on the switch, it may be derailed. NOTES: If a route is cleared thru, you MUST be prevented from UNLOCKING a locked switch. Failure to provide such an object will just allow unlocking while a route is cleared thru. If dispatcherSensorLockToggle is None, then INSURE that you call "ExternalLockTurnout" at some point to lock the turnout, since this starts up with the turnout unlocked! See the documentation for the matrix regarding Command and Feedback normal/reversed.