Class SignalMastAddPane.SignalMastAddPaneProvider

    • Method Detail

      • isAvailable

        public boolean isAvailable()
        Is this pane available, given the current configuration of the program? In other words, are all necessary managers and other objects present?
        always true.
      • getPaneName

        public abstract java.lang.String getPaneName()
        Human-prefered name for type of signal mast, in local language
      • getInstancesMap

        public static final java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​SignalMastAddPane.SignalMastAddPaneProvidergetInstancesMap()
        Get all available instances as an Collections.unmodifiableMap(java.util.Map<? extends K, ? extends V>) between the (localized) name and the pane. Note that this is a SortedMap in name order.
        all instance map sorted in name order.
      • loadInstances

        public static final void loadInstances()
        Load all the available instances. Note this only runs once; there's no reloading once the program is running.