Class FileLocationsPreferences

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      • getRequires

        public java.util.Set<java.lang.Class<? extends PreferencesManager>> getRequires()
        Description copied from class: AbstractPreferencesManager
        Get the set of PreferencesManagers that must be initialized prior to initializing this PreferencesManager. It is generally preferable to require an Interface or an abstract Class instead of a concrete Class, since that allows all (or any) concrete implementations of the required class to be initialized to provide required services for the requiring PreferencesManager instance.

        Note that for any set of PreferencesManagers with the same requirements, or with a circular dependency between each other, the order in which the PreferencesManagers in that set are initialized should be considered non-deterministic.

        This implementation includes a default dependency on the ConnectionConfigManager.

        Specified by:
        getRequires in interface PreferencesManager
        getRequires in class AbstractPreferencesManager
        An set of classes; if there are no dependencies, return an empty set instead of null; overriding implementations may add to this set directly
      • savePreferences

        public void savePreferences​(Profile profile)
        Description copied from interface: PreferencesManager
        Save the preferences that this provider manages for the provided Profile.
        profile - the profile associated with the preferences to save; may be null to save preferences that apply to the current user regardless of profile