Class DccSignalMast

All Implemented Interfaces:
VetoableChangeListener, Comparable<NamedBean>, EventListener, PropertyChangeProvider, NamedBean, SignalMast
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class DccSignalMast
extends AbstractSignalMast
This class implements a SignalMast that uses Extended Accessory Decoder Control Packet Format and outputs that packet to the DCC System via the generic CommandStation interface.

This implementation writes out to the physical signal when it's commanded to change appearance, and updates its internal state when it hears commands from other places.

System name specifies the creation information:

The name is a colon-separated series of terms:
  • IF$dsm - defines signal masts of this type
  • basic - name of the signaling system
  • one-searchlight - name of the particular aspect map
  • (123) - DCC address for the decoder

Based upon DccSignalHead by Alex Shepherd