JMRI: inControl - Web Throttles and Frames (inControl.html application)

This application is a single web page that runs on the most recent browsers in computers, smartphones and tablets.
There is nothing to install !

To start using JMRI through a web browser, you just need to activate the included JMRI Web Server. You may found additional information here.

It controls not only locomotives and function decoders, as a web throttle, but also turnouts, lights and other devices through JMRI active frames.

inControl is completely resizable and it ajusts automatically to the size and orientation of the device screen.

Anyone can create web pages with iframes containing inControl.html, in order to create more or less complex control panels.

Screen samples ...


Query String parameters

Almost all parameters may be passed to the application through the query string but they can be modified in the Settings and Loco/Device parameters sections.


This section permits to modify global parameters. They are persistently stored in the browser local storage.

Loco/Device parameters

This section permits to modify loco or function decoder parameters. They are persistently stored in the browser local storage.

Speed Control can be disabled. This is suitable to control a function only decoder.

To enable a function key, Active should be enabled.

If a function key only activates some action when there is a transition from OFF to ON, Auto Unpress should be enabled.

To control a standard decoder and function only decoders simultaneously with the same throttle, Alternative Device Address can be set to the addresses of the function only decoders.

To provide a function key to activate shunting, Shunt should be enabled. It changes the behaviour of speed control in order to permit to control from -50% to +50% of the maximum speed. When positive, the loco runs towards the selected direction. Toggle button shoud be enabled.


Scan to be in control (Scan2BeInControl.html application)

Just point the smartphone and start controlling a loco or frame !

This application lists the roster (locos) and frames defined in JMRI.

To open a web throttle or frame using inControl, users may:
- scan the image using a smartphone (with qrCode compatible reader application)
- click or touch the Loco or Frame image or link

For locos, the parameters from JMRI are merged with the ones already stored in your device (computer, tablet or smartphone).
If you want to use only the parameters from JMRI, you must delete the loco from your device before scanning the qrCode graph or use the link.

Non functional image sample:


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