Decoder Family: PM4x


CV Definitions:

              OpSws Short Address gt 0 <html>The "CV" column in the table above shows "OpSw" numbers, where the value "112." is pre-pended <p>to the OpSw Number. For example, PM4/PM42 OpSw 1 is represented as "112.01". <p><p>The top-most row above reflects the Board Address configured on the "Basic" sheet. <p><p>OpSw value 0 = "T"hrown. OpSw value 1 = "C"losed. </html> Basic <html><p> LocoNet messaging limits the supported Board Address (Board ID) range to addresses between 1 and 128. This tool cannot access PM4/PM42 <p>devices outside of this range. <p> <p>This roster entry will only access the specified PM4/PM42 if the Board Address (Active Address), on the "Basic" sheet, is correct when the <p>programmer is opened. <p> <p>If the Board Address (Active Address) has been changed since the programmer was opened, the programmer will attempt to access the <p>PM4/PM42 address which was specified in the Roster entry when the progammer was opened. <p> <p>After making a change to the Roster entry's Board Address (Active Address) on the "Basic" sheet, save and close the programmer <p>window and re-open the Roster entry to ensure that the the programmer will use the modified Active Address for accesses <p>to the device. <p> <p>Note that BDL16x and PM4x documentation refers to Board Address, while DS64 and SE8C documentation refers to <p>Board ID. These are equivalent concepts. </html> Basic Settings <html><span style="color: black;"><h2><strong>Trip Current (all Sections)</strong></h2></html> <html><span style="color: black;"><h2><strong>Section 1 Characteristics</strong></h2></html> Mode <html><span style="color: black;"><h2><strong>Section 2 Characteristics</strong></h2></html> Mode <html><span style="color: black;"><h2><strong>Section 3 Characteristics</strong></h2></html> Mode <html><span style="color: black;"><h2><strong>Section 4 Characteristics</strong></h2></html> Mode Notes <html><span style="color: black;"> <h2><strong>Notes on PM4/PM42 Roster Entries and Programming </strong></h2></html> <html></strong><ul> <li>The PM4/PM42 <em>must</em> be in its normal operating mode in order to respond to this Roster entry's read and write operations.</li> <li> <p>See the "Basic" sheet for the programmer's limitations with respect to Board Address.</li> <li>This Roster entry is not currently capable of displaying the short-circuit and autoreversing status of each section. <li>Some PM4 devices do not respond to the LocoNet messages used by this tool. Programming of these devices may <p>be done as described in the PM4 manual. It is also possible to upgrade the PM4 to a PM42 via a simple chip change. <p>Upgrade chips may be available from your Digitrax dealer or from Digitrax. </ul></html> CVs CV CV-Tabelle Taula-CV Tabulka CV CV-tabel Short Address eq 0 This sheet intentionally un-populated. See the "OpSws" tab.
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