Class ZeroConfServiceManager

All Implemented Interfaces:
Disposable, InstanceManagerAutoDefault

public class ZeroConfServiceManager
extends Object
implements InstanceManagerAutoDefault, Disposable
A ZeroConfServiceManager object manages zeroConf network service advertisements.

ZeroConfService objects encapsulate zeroConf network services created using JmDNS, providing methods to start and stop service advertisements and to query service state. Typical usage would be:

 ZeroConfService myService = ZeroConfService.create("_withrottle._tcp.local.", port);
or, if you do not wish to retain the ZeroConfService object:
 ZeroConfService.create("_http._tcp.local.", port).publish();
ZeroConfService objects can also be created with a HashMap of properties that are included in the TXT record for the service advertisement. This HashMap should remain small, but it could include information such as the default path (for a web server), a specific protocol version, or other information. Note that all service advertisements include the JMRI version, using the key "version", and the JMRI version numbers in a string "major.minor.test" with the key "jmri"

All ZeroConfServices are published with the computer's hostname as the mDNS hostname (unless it cannot be determined by JMRI), as well as the JMRI node name in the TXT record with the key "node".

All ZeroConfServices are automatically stopped when the JMRI application shuts down. Use allServices() to get a collection of all published ZeroConfService objects.

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See Also:
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