Package jmri.server.json.operations

JMRI JSON support for Operations.

See jmri.server.json for general information concerning how the JMRI JSON support works.


Rolling Stock

Car Types

JMRI Operations maintains a text property type for rolling stock; this property is divided into two parts with a hyphen, where only the first part is displayed in manifests and switch lists, and the second part provides additional detail in support of operations automation.

In the JSON representation of rolling stock "carType" matches just the part of the type that is displayed; "carSubType" contains the second type part or is null if there is no second part. Note that the car types listed when requesting a list of all car types include both parts in a single string.

When setting the type for a piece of rolling stock using a PUT or POST message, include the entire type, both parts separated with a hyphen, in the "carType" property. Using "carSubType" in a message from the client is not schema valid.

Note that a future version (likely version 6) of the JMRI JSON protocol will include the entire type in the "carType" property, so that the property in a rolling stock entry will match the types listed when getting a list of in use types.

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