Interface Mx1Listener

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    Mx1MonPanel, Mx1OpsModeProgrammer, Mx1PowerManager, Mx1Programmer, Mx1Throttle

    public interface Mx1Listener
    extends java.util.EventListener
    Mx1Listener provides the call-back interface for notification when a new MX-1 message arrives from the layout.

    Note that the Mx1Listener implementation cannot assume that messages will be returned in any particular thread. We may eventually revisit this, as returning messages in the Swing GUI thread would result in some simplification of client code. We've not done that yet because we're not sure that deadlocks can be avoided in that case.

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        void message​(Mx1Message msg)
        Member function that will be invoked by a Mx1Interface implementation to forward a MX-1 message from the layout.
        msg - The received MX-1 message. Note that this same object may be presented to multiple users. It should not be modified here.