Class PollDataModel

    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      (package private) static int ADDRCOL  
      (package private) static int IDCOL  
      (package private) static int LAST  
      (package private) static int LASTTIME  
      (package private) static int LASTXCOL  
      (package private) static int LASTYCOL  
      (package private) static int LASTZCOL  
      (package private) static int LONGCOL  
      (package private) ModifiedFlag modifiedFlag  
      (package private) static int NAMECOL  
      (package private) static int POLLCOL  
      (package private) static int TYPECOL  
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      void dispose()  
      java.lang.Class<?> getColumnClass​(int c)  
      int getColumnCount()  
      java.lang.String getColumnName​(int c)  
      int getRowCount()  
      java.lang.Object getValueAt​(int r, int c)  
      boolean isCellEditable​(int r, int c)  
      void notify​(Measurement m)  
      void setValueAt​(java.lang.Object value, int r, int c)  
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        addTableModelListener, findColumn, fireTableCellUpdated, fireTableChanged, fireTableDataChanged, fireTableRowsDeleted, fireTableRowsInserted, fireTableRowsUpdated, fireTableStructureChanged, getListeners, getTableModelListeners, removeTableModelListener
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