Class Em18RfidProtocol

  • public class Em18RfidProtocol
    extends RfidProtocol
    Common routines to extract the Tag information and validate checksum for implementations that use the EM-18 protocol.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • Em18RfidProtocol

        public Em18RfidProtocol()
        Constructor for EM-18 RFID Protocol. Used when a single reader is connected directly to a port, not via a concentrator.
      • Em18RfidProtocol

        public Em18RfidProtocol​(char concentratorFirst,
                                char concentratorLast,
                                int portPosition)
        Constructor for EM-18 RFID Protocol. Supports the use of concentrators where a character range is used to determine the specific reader port.
        concentratorFirst - character representing first concentrator port
        concentratorLast - character representing last concentrator port
        portPosition - position of port character in reply string