Package jmri.jmrix.openlcb.swing.downloader

Provides a download (bootload) tool for OpenLCB nodes.

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This tool relies for reliable operation on an OpenLCB feature called "Freeze/Unfreeze". Although properly adopted by the group, and in defiance of a written agreement between the group and the NMRA, this was removed during the move toward NMRA adoption in February 2015. JMRI is using the feature for three reasons:
  1. It's the right technical solution
  2. It's properly implemented in the OpenLCB Java library, which was part of OpenLCB before prototype development was pushed out of that effort.
  3. It's the most-recent properly adopted specification.
People doing future development in this area might want to consider the info presented in a separate page, taken in part from the OpenLCB documentation before Freeze/Unfreeze was removed.
JMRI 4.1.1
See Also:
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