Class NceTurnoutMonitor

All Implemented Interfaces:
PropertyChangeListener, EventListener, AbstractMRListener, NceListener

public class NceTurnoutMonitor
extends Object
implements NceListener, PropertyChangeListener
Polls NCE Command Station for turnout discrepancies

This implementation reads the NCE Command Station (CS) memory that stores the state of all accessories thrown by cabs or through the com port using the new binary switch command. The accessory states are stored in 256 byte array starting at address 0xEC00.

byte 0, bit 0 = ACCY 1, bit 1 = ACCY 2 byte 1, bit 0 = ACCY 9, bit 1 = ACCY 10

byte 255, bit 0 = ACCY 2041, bit 3 = ACCY 2044 (last valid addr)

ACCY bit = 0 turnout thrown, 1 = turnout closed

Block reads (16 bytes) of the NCE CS memory are performed to minimize impact to the NCE CS. Data from the CS is then compared to the JMRI turnout (accessory) state and if a discrepancy is discovered, the JMRI turnout state is modified to match the CS.