Class InputBits


public class InputBits
extends Object
Utility Class supporting input from Maple HMI's

All of the Maple HMI panels are configured with the same input bits. As each HMI is polled, the results are ORed together in an input array that is initialized to all 0 when a polling cycle is initiated. That way, if a bit is 1 in any of the HMI's, it will be 1 in the input array at the end of the polling cycle. At the end of each polling cycle, each input bit is compared to the input bit from the last polling cycle. If a bit has changed, or if this is the first polling cycle, the correspnding Sensor state is updated. No updating occurs if all panels timed out. Serial systems with unique input bits for each node keep their input array in each node. That code has been moved to this utility class for Maple Systems because all nodes share the same set of input bits. Coil bits within Maple Systems HMI's are divided into input (1-1000) and output (1001-9000), so input bits are read starting from HMI address 1, and output bits are written starting at HMI address 1001.