Class PR4Adapter

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      • setSerialPort

        protected void setSerialPort​(purejavacomm.SerialPort activeSerialPort)
                              throws purejavacomm.UnsupportedCommOperationException
        Sets up the serial port characteristics. Always uses flow control, which is not considered a user-settable option. Sets the PR4 for the appropriate operating mode, based on the selected "command station type".
        setSerialPort in class LocoBufferAdapter
        activeSerialPort - the port to be configured
        purejavacomm.UnsupportedCommOperationException - Usually if the hardware isn't present or capable
      • configure

        public void configure()
        Set up all of the other objects to operate with a PR4 connected to this port. This overrides the version in loconet.locobuffer, but it has to duplicate much of the functionality there, so the code is basically copied. Note that the PR4 does not support "LocoNet Data Signal termination" when in LocoNet interface mode (i.e. MS100 mode).
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        configure in interface PortAdapter
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        configure in interface SerialPortAdapter
        configure in class LocoBufferAdapter
      • commandStationOptions

        public java.lang.String[] commandStationOptions()
        The PR4 can be used as a "Standalone Programmer", or with various LocoNet command stations. The PR4 does not support "LocoNet Data signal termination", so that is not added as a valid option (as it would be for the PR3).
        an array of strings containing the various command station names and name(s) of modes without command stations