Package jmri.jmrix.loconet.Intellibox

Implementation and specialization for connecting to to an Uhlenbrock Intellibox-I via its in-built RS232 serial connection.

This is similar to LocoNet connections; the differences in the serial connection are handled here.

For an overview of the various Uhlenbrock Intellibox options and configuration, see the JMRI Uhlenbrock page.

  • Class Summary 
    Class Description
    Definition of objects to handle configuring an Intellibox serial port layout connection via an IntelliboxAdapter object.
    Converts Stream-based I/O to/from LocoNet messages.
    Returns a list of valid Intellibox Connection Types
    Update the code in jmri.jmrix.loconet.locobuffer so that it operates correctly with the Intellibox on-board serial port.