Class XNetSensor

    • Method Detail

      • initmessage

        void initmessage​(XNetReply l)
        initmessage is a package protected class which allows the Manger to send a feedback message at initialization without changing the state of the sensor with respect to whether or not a feedback request was sent. This is used only when the sensor is created by on layout feedback.
        l - Reply message
      • message

        public void message​(XNetReply l)
        Implementing classes will typically have a function/listener to get updates from the layout, which will then call public void firePropertyChange(String propertyName, Object oldValue, Object newValue) _once_ if anything has changed state (or set the commanded state directly)
        Specified by:
        message in interface XNetListener
        l - Reply message
      • getNumber

        int getNumber()
        Package protected routine to get the Sensor Number.
        current Sensor address number
      • getBaseAddress

        int getBaseAddress()
        Package protected routine to get the Sensor Base Address.
        the Sensor base address
      • getNibble

        int getNibble()
        Package protected routine to get the Sensor Nibble.
        contents of sensor nibble