Interface XNetPortController

    • Method Detail

      • status

        boolean status()
        Check that this object is ready to operate. This is a question of configuration, not transient hardware status.
        Specified by:
        status in interface PortAdapter
        true if OK, at least as far as known
      • okToSend

        boolean okToSend()
        Can the port accept additional characters?

        This might go false for short intervals, but it might also stick off if something goes wrong.

        true if OK to send, else false.
      • setOutputBufferEmpty

        void setOutputBufferEmpty​(boolean s)
        We need a way to say if the output buffer is empty or not.
        s - true to set buffer empty, else false.
      • hasTimeSlot

        boolean hasTimeSlot()
        Indicate the command station is currently providing a timeslot to this port controller.
        true if the command station is currently providing a timeslot.
      • setTimeSlot

        void setTimeSlot​(boolean timeslot)
        Set a variable indicating whether or not the command station is providing a timeslot.

        This method should be called with the paramter set to false if a "Command Station No Longer Providing a timeslot for communications" (01 05 04) is received.

        This method should be called with the parameter set to true if a "Command Station is providing a timeslot for communications again." (01 07 06) is received.

        timeslot - true if a timeslot is being sent, false otherwise.