Class EcosSensor

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.lang.Comparable<NamedBean>, PropertyChangeProvider, DigitalIO, NamedBean, Sensor

    public class EcosSensor
    extends AbstractSensor
    Implement a Sensor via ECoS communications.

    This object doesn't listen to the Ecos communications. This is because it should be the only object that is sending messages for this sensor; more than one Sensor object pointing to a single device is not allowed.

    • Constructor Detail

      • EcosSensor

        public EcosSensor​(java.lang.String systemName,
                          java.lang.String userName)
      • EcosSensor

        public EcosSensor​(java.lang.String systemName)
    • Method Detail

      • requestUpdateFromLayout

        public void requestUpdateFromLayout()
        Description copied from interface: DigitalIO
        Request an update from the layout soft/hardware. May not even happen, and if it does it will happen later; listen for the result.