Class CbusFilterPanel

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.awt.image.ImageObserver, java.awt.MenuContainer,, javax.accessibility.Accessible

    public class CbusFilterPanel
    extends javax.swing.JPanel
    Creates Panel for displaying a single filter
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    Serialized Form
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    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      CbusFilterPanel​(CbusFilterFrame filterFrame, int index)
      Create a new CbusFilterPanel for filtering any Nodes which are heard This is created at Frame startup, though #initComponents is not called until the Node is actually set by #setNode
      CbusFilterPanel​(CbusFilterFrame filterFrame, CbusFilterType fType)
      Create a new CbusFilterPanel for filtering any CbusFilterType.
    • Method Summary

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      Modifier and Type Method Description
      protected boolean getAvailable()
      Get if the Panel is in use.
      protected boolean getButton()
      Get if the button is currently set to filter.
      protected CbusFilterType getFilterType()
      Get the Filter Type in use by the panel.
      protected int getIndex()
      Get the Filter Index, value for main Filter.
      protected boolean getVisible()
      Get if the Panel is visible
      protected void incrementFilter()
      Increment the number of Filtered Frames.
      protected void incrementPass()
      Increment the number of allowed Frames.
      protected void initComponents()
      Initialise the Pane.
      protected void setMixed()
      If panel is displaying a parent category, some children categories may be both Active and Inactive.
      protected void setNode​(int node, boolean filter, boolean show)
      Set the Panel for a Node.
      protected void setPass​(boolean trueorfalse)
      Set the panel button to display Pass / Filter.
      protected void visibleFilter​(boolean showornot)
      Show or Hide the Filter Panel
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    • Constructor Detail

      • CbusFilterPanel

        public CbusFilterPanel​(CbusFilterFrame filterFrame,
                               int index)
        Create a new CbusFilterPanel for filtering any Nodes which are heard This is created at Frame startup, though #initComponents is not called until the Node is actually set by #setNode
        filterFrame - parent Frame
        index - Filter Index
      • CbusFilterPanel

        public CbusFilterPanel​(CbusFilterFrame filterFrame,
                               CbusFilterType fType)
        Create a new CbusFilterPanel for filtering any CbusFilterType. This is created at Frame startup, #initComponents is called straight away.
        filterFrame - parent Frame
        fType - Filter to display
    • Method Detail

      • initComponents

        protected final void initComponents()
        Initialise the Pane.
      • setMixed

        protected void setMixed()
        If panel is displaying a parent category, some children categories may be both Active and Inactive.
      • getIndex

        protected final int getIndex()
        Get the Filter Index, value for main Filter.
        Filter Index.
      • visibleFilter

        protected void visibleFilter​(boolean showornot)
        Show or Hide the Filter Panel
        showornot - true to show, false to hide.
      • incrementFilter

        protected void incrementFilter()
        Increment the number of Filtered Frames. Updates text label with counts.
      • incrementPass

        protected void incrementPass()
        Increment the number of allowed Frames. Updates text label with counts.
      • getButton

        protected boolean getButton()
        Get if the button is currently set to filter.
        true if filtering, else false.
      • getVisible

        protected boolean getVisible()
        Get if the Panel is visible
        true if visible, else false.
      • getAvailable

        protected boolean getAvailable()
        Get if the Panel is in use.
        true if in use by a Filter / Node, else false.
      • setNode

        protected void setNode​(int node,
                               boolean filter,
                               boolean show)
        Set the Panel for a Node.
        node - Node Number
        filter - true to Start filter active, false to pass.
        show - true to display, false to hide.
      • setPass

        protected void setPass​(boolean trueorfalse)
        Set the panel button to display Pass / Filter.
        trueorfalse - true to pass, false to filter.