Class CbusFilterPanel

All Implemented Interfaces:
ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable, Accessible

public class CbusFilterPanel
extends JPanel
Creates Panel for displaying a single filter
See Also:
Serialized Form
  • Constructor Details

    • CbusFilterPanel

      public CbusFilterPanel​(CbusFilterFrame filterFrame, int index)
      Create a new CbusFilterPanel for filtering any Nodes which are heard This is created at Frame startup, though #initComponents is not called until the Node is actually set by #setNode
      filterFrame - parent Frame
      index - Filter Index
    • CbusFilterPanel

      public CbusFilterPanel​(CbusFilterFrame filterFrame, CbusFilterType fType)
      Create a new CbusFilterPanel for filtering any CbusFilterType. This is created at Frame startup, #initComponents is called straight away.
      filterFrame - parent Frame
      fType - Filter to display
  • Method Details

    • initComponents

      protected final void initComponents()
      Initialise the Pane.
    • setMixed

      protected void setMixed()
      If panel is displaying a parent category, some children categories may be both Active and Inactive.
    • getIndex

      protected final int getIndex()
      Get the Filter Index, value for main Filter.
      Filter Index.
    • visibleFilter

      protected void visibleFilter​(boolean showornot)
      Show or Hide the Filter Panel
      showornot - true to show, false to hide.
    • getFilterType

      Get the Filter Type in use by the panel.
      Filter Type ENUM
    • incrementFilter

      protected void incrementFilter()
      Increment the number of Filtered Frames. Updates text label with counts.
    • incrementPass

      protected void incrementPass()
      Increment the number of allowed Frames. Updates text label with counts.
    • getButton

      protected boolean getButton()
      Get if the button is currently set to filter.
      true if filtering, else false.
    • getVisible

      protected boolean getVisible()
      Get if the Panel is visible
      true if visible, else false.
    • getAvailable

      protected boolean getAvailable()
      Get if the Panel is in use.
      true if in use by a Filter / Node, else false.
    • setNode

      protected void setNode​(int node, boolean filter, boolean show)
      Set the Panel for a Node.
      node - Node Number
      filter - true to Start filter active, false to pass.
      show - true to display, false to hide.
    • setPass

      protected void setPass​(boolean trueorfalse)
      Set the panel button to display Pass / Filter.
      trueorfalse - true to pass, false to filter.