Class CbusBasicNodeEvent

    • Constructor Detail

      • CbusBasicNodeEvent

        public CbusBasicNodeEvent​(CanSystemConnectionMemo memo,
                                  int nn,
                                  int en,
                                  int thisnode,
                                  int index)
        Set the value of the event variable array by index
        memo - CAN System Connection
        nn - Event node Number
        en - Event event or device number
        thisnode - Host node number
        index - number assigned by node, -1 if unknown
    • Method Detail

      • getParentNn

        public int getParentNn()
        Returns the parent host node of the node event
        decimal node number
      • setIndex

        public final void setIndex​(int index)
        Set the index number of this event on a node

        Index number not valid after any event has been written to or deleted from the node

        index - number, -1 if unset
      • getIndex

        public final int getIndex()
        Get the index number of this event on a node
        index number, -1 if unset
      • setTempFcuNodeName

        public final void setTempFcuNodeName​(java.lang.String tempName)
        Set a temporary node name
        tempName - the name to use
      • getTempFcuNodeName

        public final java.lang.String getTempFcuNodeName()
        Get the temporary node name
        the name
      • equals

        public boolean equals​(java.lang.Object o)

        Custom method to compare Node Number and Event Number.

        equals in class CbusEvent