Package jmri.jmrix.can.adapters.gridconnect.sproggen5

Defines classes for communicating with SPROG Generation 5 hardware via a serial com port (or USB virtual COM port) with CBUS opcodes.

SPROG Generation 5 hardware can use CBUS opcodes and the MERG version of the gridconnect protocol over the layout connection but does not necessarily implement a CAN bus interface. The SPROG 3 Plus, for example, integrates the functionality of a CANUSB equivalent gridconnect adapter and a CBUS command station but has no CAN interface.

This package imports from jmri.jmrix.can.adapters.gridconnect.canrs package for the MERG specific gridconnect implementation.

The CBUS implementation is held in the jmri.jmrix.can.cbus package.

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