Package jmri.jmrix

Interface ConnectionConfig

    • Method Detail

      • name

        java.lang.String name()
      • getInfo

        java.lang.String getInfo()
      • loadDetails

        void loadDetails​(javax.swing.JPanel details)
        Load the Swing widgets needed to configure this connection into a specified JPanel. Used during the configuration process to fill out the preferences window with content specific to this Connection type. The JPanel contents need to handle their own gets/sets to the underlying Connection content.
        details - the specific Swing object to be configured and filled
      • register

        void register()
        Register the ConnectionConfig with the running JMRI process.

        At a minimum, is responsible for:

        • Registering this object with the ConfigurationManager for persistance, typically at the "Preferences" level
        • Adding this object to the default (@link ConnectionConfigManager}
      • dispose

        void dispose()
        Done with this ConnectionConfig object. Invoked in JmrixConfigPane when switching away from this particular mode.
      • isDirty

        boolean isDirty()
        Determine if configuration needs to be written to disk.
        true if configuration needs to be saved, false otherwise
      • isRestartRequired

        boolean isRestartRequired()
        Determine if application needs to be restarted for configuration changes to be applied.
        true if application needs to restart, false otherwise