Class ThrottlesTableCellRenderer

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    public class ThrottlesTableCellRenderer
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements javax.swing.table.TableCellRenderer
    A TableCellRender to graphicaly display an active throttles in a summary table (see ThrottlesListPanel)
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      (package private) static int LINE_HEIGHT  
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      java.awt.Component getTableCellRendererComponent​(javax.swing.JTable jtable, java.lang.Object value, boolean bln, boolean bln1, int i, int i1)  
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      • getTableCellRendererComponent

        public java.awt.Component getTableCellRendererComponent​(javax.swing.JTable jtable,
                                                                java.lang.Object value,
                                                                boolean bln,
                                                                boolean bln1,
                                                                int i,
                                                                int i1)
        Specified by:
        getTableCellRendererComponent in interface javax.swing.table.TableCellRenderer