Class MeterFrameManagerXml

    • Method Detail

      • store

        public Element store​(java.lang.Object o)
        Description copied from interface: XmlAdapter
        Store the object in XML
        o - The object to be recorded. Specific XmlAdapter implementations will require this to be of a specific type; that binding is done in ConfigXmlManager.
        The XML representation Element
      • setStoreElementClass

        public void setStoreElementClass​(Element meterFrames)
        Subclass provides implementation to create the correct top element, including the type information. Default implementation is to use the local class here.
        meterFrames - The top-level element being created
      • load

        public boolean load​(@Nonnull
                            Element shared,
                            Element perNode)
                     throws JmriConfigureXmlException
        Create a set of configured objects from their XML description.
        Specified by:
        load in interface XmlAdapter
        load in class AbstractXmlAdapter
        shared - Top-level XML element containing the common, multi-node elements of the description
        perNode - Top-level XML element containing the private, single-node elements of the description
        true if successful
        JmriConfigureXmlException - when a error prevents creating the objects as as required by the input XML