Class SensorTableModel

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.beans.PropertyChangeListener,, java.util.EventListener, javax.swing.table.TableModel

    public class SensorTableModel
    extends BeanTableModel
    implements java.beans.PropertyChangeListener
    Model for a simple Sensor JTable.

    Note that this has a very expensive way of handling changes to the contents of the SensorManager: it recreates an entire local array instead of using the Manager's accessors.

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    Serialized Form
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      void dispose()  
      SensorManager getManager()  
      int getRowCount()  
      java.lang.Object getValueAt​(int r, int c)
      User name column must be handled by subclass.
      void propertyChange​(java.beans.PropertyChangeEvent e)  
      void setValueAt​(java.lang.Object type, int r, int c)  
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        addTableModelListener, findColumn, fireTableCellUpdated, fireTableChanged, fireTableDataChanged, fireTableRowsDeleted, fireTableRowsInserted, fireTableRowsUpdated, fireTableStructureChanged, getListeners, getTableModelListeners, removeTableModelListener
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      • getValueAt

        public java.lang.Object getValueAt​(int r,
                                           int c)
        Description copied from class: BeanTableModel
        User name column must be handled by subclass.
        Specified by:
        getValueAt in interface javax.swing.table.TableModel
        getValueAt in class BeanTableModel
      • setValueAt

        public void setValueAt​(java.lang.Object type,
                               int r,
                               int c)
        Specified by:
        setValueAt in interface javax.swing.table.TableModel
        setValueAt in class javax.swing.table.AbstractTableModel
      • propertyChange

        public void propertyChange​(java.beans.PropertyChangeEvent e)
        Specified by:
        propertyChange in interface java.beans.PropertyChangeListener