Class ImportLocations

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    public class ImportLocations
    extends ImportRollingStock
    This routine will import Locations from a CSV file into the operations database. The field order is: Location, Track, Type, Length, Division, Serviced by Trains Traveling, Rolling Stock, Order, Road Option, Roads, Load Option, Loads, Ship Load Option, Ships, Set Out Restrictions, Restrictions, Pick up Restrictions, Restrictions, Schedule Name, Mode, Alternate Track, Pool name, Minimum, Track Blocking Order, Planned Pick Ups, Track Destinations, Destinations, Swap default loads and empties, Empty cars with default loads, Generate custom loads for spurs serviced by this train, Generate custom loads for any spur (multiple trains), Generate custom loads for any staging track, Block cars by pick up location, Comment, Comment when there is only pick ups, Comment when there is only set outs