Interface MaleDigitalExpressionSocket

All Superinterfaces:
Base, Comparable<NamedBean>, Debugable, DigitalExpression, DigitalExpressionBean, MaleSocket, NamedBean, PropertyChangeProvider
All Known Implementing Classes:
DebuggerMaleDigitalExpressionSocket, DefaultMaleDigitalExpressionSocket

public interface MaleDigitalExpressionSocket
extends MaleSocket, DigitalExpressionBean
A LogixNG male DigitalExpressionBean socket.
  • Method Details

    • evaluate

      boolean evaluate() throws JmriException
      Evaluate this expression.

      This method must ensure that the value is not a Double.NaN, negative infinity or positive infinity. If that is the case, it must throw an IllegalArgumentException before checking if an error has occured.

      Specified by:
      evaluate in interface DigitalExpression
      the result of the evaluation
      JmriException - when an exception occurs
    • getLastResult

      boolean getLastResult()
      Get the last result of the evaluation.
      the last result