Interface MaleAnalogExpressionSocket

All Superinterfaces:
AnalogExpression, AnalogExpressionBean, Base, Comparable<NamedBean>, Debugable, MaleSocket, NamedBean, PropertyChangeProvider
All Known Implementing Classes:
DebuggerMaleAnalogExpressionSocket, DefaultMaleAnalogExpressionSocket

public interface MaleAnalogExpressionSocket
extends MaleSocket, AnalogExpressionBean
A LogixNG male AnalogExpressionBean socket.
  • Method Details

    • evaluate

      double evaluate() throws JmriException
      Evaluate this expression.

      This method must ensure that the result is not a Double.NaN, negative infinity or positive infinity. If that is the case, it must throw an IllegalArgumentException before checking if an error has occured.

      If the socket is not enabled, the method returns the value 0.0f.

      If an error occurs and are handled, the method returns the value 0.0f.

      Specified by:
      evaluate in interface AnalogExpression
      the result of the evaluation. The male socket that holds this expression throws an exception if this value is a Double.NaN or an infinite number.
      JmriException - when an exception occurs
      IllegalArgumentException - if the result a Double.NaN, negative infinity or positive infinity