Class TrackNode

  • public class TrackNode
    extends java.lang.Object
    TrackNode is a memo object specifying and returning track node information

    Used in conjunction with to return information about track nodes following a search of layout connectivity.

    Track nodes are nodes in the layout connectivity diagram. They may be: positionable points - either anchor points that define a block boundary or end bumpers (end of a track), turnouts, -OR_ level crossings

    The components of a TrackNode are: Node Object - the object reached by searching connectivity Node Type - connection types defined in Layout Editor, for example, TURNOUT_A, indicates a turnout connected at A (the throat of a RH, LH, or WYE turnout) Track Segment - the track segment connected at the connection point specified in Node Type Reached End Bumper - 'true' if the connectivity search has reached an end bumper (the end of the search track) before reaching a Node Object. 'false' otherwise. Node State - if the Node Object can have multiple states, for example, a turnout, this gives the state it was when finding this track node.

    Actually you could think of an End Bumper as a 'Node', but End Bumpers are treated differently here. When an End Bumper is reached during a connectivity search, Track Segment is returned, Reached End Bumper is set true, and Node Object and Node Type, are not returned.